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This is not your average CBD balm. It’s magic in a jar for aches, pains and tension - something so many of experience on a daily basis.  I spent a year formulating our healing balm with the intention to create a balm that not only offers comforting relief but helps heal the source of discomfort by reducing inflammation, increasing circulation and promoting recovery. It’s mindfully hand-crafted in small batches by myself, the founder of Pacific Daze and truly, my family doesn’t go a day without using it. BEYOND MENTHOL Clearly, we’re a fan of CBD and it’s incredibly anti-inflammatory properties. Our healing balm is packed with 400mg of CBD but we didn’t stop there. We combined it with some of the most powerful, healing herbs from Mother Nature to create a balm that pretty much does it all. Here’s some of our favorites: Skullcap is just as powerful as it sounds. It is widely known for its ability to relax the nervous system and it has been used as a analgesic, for anti-inflammatory effects that can be greatly useful towards joint pain as well as arthritis. Skullcap also helps stimulate blood flow to the skin, helping prevent infection and heal scrapes and bruises more quickly. Dragon’s blood also packs a strong punch. Like the name suggests, it’s a deep red resin found in the Croton Lechleri tree in the Amazon. It is known for inhibiting chronic inflammation and neuropathic pain responses, and for its antiviral, wound healing effects. Because of this, Dragon’s blood has been used in folk medicine for centuries as a topical aid for wounds and a wide variety of skin irritations. The sap is also incredibly rich in protective antioxidant phenols and anti-inflammatory compounds that protect and encourage quick healing of the skin, nature’s neosporin! Peppermint has the ability to help reduce inflammation, and is a natural source of menthol and limonene. Studies have even shown that menthol can be used to treat pain for tension and migraine headaches through topical application.1 Derived from a yellow mountain daisy that grows in Europe, Arnica has been used for medicinal purposes since as late as the 1500s and is still popular in modern wellness today! It is a go-to cure-all for bruises, sprains, muscle soreness, muscle spasms, muscular aches, joint pain, arthritis, swelling, wound healing, inflammation, the list goes on. Arnica is one of our favorite  natural alternatives to anti-inflammatory medication! OUR HEALING BALM IS GREAT FOR relieving tension soothing sore muscles strains, sprains and bruises easing menstrual cramps headaches (rub on temples) joint pain arthritis minor skin irritations like bug bites, scratches, burns chest discomfort caused by coughing

  1. Kligler, Benjamin, and Sapna Chaudary. “Peppermint Oil.” American Family Physician, 1 Apr. 2007, www.aafp.org/afp/2007/0401/p1027.html.


Our products are built on a foundation of natural, simple and functional ingredients, which is why we use MCT oil (extracted from coconuts) as the base for our drops. We’re huge fans of medium chain triglycerides because this healthy fatty acid increases the bioavailability of CBD and has numerous health benefits related to heart and brain health. Cannabinoids are fat soluble and therefore best absorbed by the body when consumed with fat. MCT oil is easily digested and is rapidly processed through the liver rather than being metabolized through our digestive system like other fats. This process accelerates the effects of CBD and also creates natural energy for our bodies. MCT oil contains antioxidant properties, which further supports CBD’s inflammatory benefits. Additionally, it’s been shown to have natural anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. You can take our drops orally or use them topically - MCT oil is naturally moisturizing and conditioning to the skin. As an added bonus, it’s light and tasty, making it easy to blend our CBD drops into your daily routine.   LEARN MORE What is CBD?


Let’s compare a shower and a bath. You take a hot shower - you come out clean. You take a bath, add some soaking salts, light some candles, turn on some Steven Halpern - you emerge clean and relaxed, comforted and restored. When it comes to comparing CBD isolate, Broad-Spectrum and Full-Spectrum CBD, the idea is the same. CBD isolate is just how it sounds, isolated CBD and nothing else. Full-Spectrum CBD means that it contains all compounds of the whole hemp plant, CBD being just one of them. Broad-Spectrum contains all of the same compounds as Full-Spectrum except that it does not have THC. Just like the bath, the sum of all components working together, is greater than the parts. Our products are made with a Broad-Spectrum CBD rich hemp oil that contains naturally occurring cannabinoids including CBN and CBG, over 40 different terpenes, flavonoids and antioxidants. Our Drops are totally THC free but maintain the other compounds of the whole plant. All of these compounds work together to enhance the effects of CBD (known as the “entourage effect”), giving you that peaceful, easy feeling.   LEARN MORE What is CBD? Your endocannabinoid system


Pacific Daze CBD is extracted through a process called Supercritical CO2 extraction, the most regularly used method for safe and effective cannabis extraction. This non-toxic method is the purest and healthiest way to extract all of the delicate terpenes and cannabinoids from the hemp plant because it uses high pressure, low temperature and no solvents. Whether your purchase CBD from us or someone else, we always encourage you to do your research and request third party tests to confirm that the products you are purchasing are solvent, pesticide and heavy metal free.   LEARN Test results


When it comes to navigating the world of supplements, adaptogens and now, cannabis, you’re probably learning that none of them are one size fits all. Finding your perfect dose is incredibly personal in terms of our physical body (age, weight, diet and metabolism) and it also depends on what your intentions are behind taking it in the first place. When discovering the dose of CBD that’s right for you, we suggest starting with these three things: know your “why” , start low, and be consistent. WHY Before you start taking CBD, understand what you’re trying to accomplish. Are you taking it to help with stress and anxiety? Are you using it to help with a specific condition or pain? Being mindful of your reason will guide you in the exact right direction. For example, if you’re curious about using CBD to help balance your body’s response to stressful situations (think fight or flight adrenaline response), you’ll want something fast-acting and easy to take at a moments notice, sometimes multiple times in a day. This is also called micro-dosing and involves ingesting small amounts of CBD, typically between .5mg and 20mg, throughout the day. This type of dosing often serves those taking CBD for headaches, anxiety, nausea, PMS and trouble sleeping. If you’re experimenting with taking CBD for inflammation, you might find that taking one, larger dose each day works better for you. You could take either the drops or capsules (learn more about different delivery methods here) and incorporate your dose into your daily routine. Personally, I take CBD first thing in the morning with my tea and favorite adaptogens. I like how it encourages me to take a moment and set a intention for the rest of the day. You may prefer taking CBD at night to invite a calming energy as you transition into the dreaming world. Taking one dose daily is also known as a standard dose. A standard dose typically ranges between 10 to 100 mg of CBD. People with chronic pain, inflammation, digestive issues, depression, multiple sclerosis, and arthritis tend to benefit from these larger, more regulated doses. START LOW More isn’t always better when it comes to CBD. The best way to find your perfect dose is to start on the lower side and then slowly build up from there every couple of days by 5 or 10 mg. Pay attention to how you feel and when you start to notice a change in sensation. When you’ve found a dose that is working for you, great! You’ve got your baseline and from there, you can always adjust your dose up or down accordingly. BE CONSISTENT I often compare CBD with Vitamin D. We know that strong levels of Vitamin D can help raise our energy levels but we also know that we can’t expect to take Vitamin D for two days and feel amazing results. It takes time, patience and mindfulness. It can be helpful to keep a journal to track the amount of CBD you’re taking, time of day, proximity to meals and how you feel. It may take a week or two to really notice the results but with consistency, you’ll be able to pin point what works best for you much more quickly. Learn more about what CBD feels like here.   LEARN MORE Benefits of CBD


As we mentioned in our dosing guide, be mindful of your reason for taking CBD when choosing what method will be most appropriate for you. Here we break down some of our favorite delivery methods to help guide you towards finding yours. SUBLINGUAL Our drops are our best-selling products and here’s why: taken sublingually, oil tinctures are one of the quickest, most convenient and most effective way to absorb CBD into the body. Sublingual is just another way for saying under the tongue, where our oral mucosal membranes, blood vessels and micro-capillaries allow for quick delivery and high bioavailability into the bloodstream. We suggest our drops for on demand relief from everyday anxiety or aches and pains. The drops are also ideal for when you want to be able to adjust the dose, depending on your needs. INGESTED Some people prefer to mix our drops with their favorite beverage or food instead. This is another great way to take CBD oil and will be right up your ally if you enjoy blending MCT oil in your coffee or tea, or if you just aren’t the biggest fan of oil on its own. CBD is fat-soluble and therefore best absorbed when mixed with fat, which is just one of the reasons why Pacific Daze CBD Drops are made with one of our favorite fats, MCT oil. Keep in mind that ingesting CBD takes longer to get into our system because it is first metabolized in the liver, then passes through our digestive tract before being absorbed into the bloodstream. This process also decreases the bioavailability of CBD into your system. Capsules can be a more consistent, precise way to add CBD to your daily routine. Our capsules are water-soluble and specifically formulated for high bioavailability.  They are often a preferred choice for those using CBD longer-term, or for those that don’t love the taste of MCT oil. For those with chronic pain, inflammation, or digestive issues, we recommend giving our capsules a try. TOPICAL Another common way to use CBD is by applying it directly to the skin via lotions, oils and salves.  Little, if any, CBD, enters the bloodstream through the skin. Therefore this method is most effective for conditions within one inch of the skin’s surface such as localized pain, muscle soreness, inflammation skin irritations, arthritis.   LEARN MORE CBD and MCT Oil Discover your dose


CBD interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is a series of receptors that have been shown to regulate relaxation, pain, sleeping, mood, the immune system, memory, stress response, and other important functions. In other words, our ECS works to regulate and maintain healthy balance in the body, which is also known as homeostasis. So what can throw our bodies out of balance? Stress of course. Stressful situations often trigger a “fight-or-flight” response in our bodies which cause cortisol (a stress hormone) to be released into our system. When this happens repeatedly and often, cortisol levels can build up in our bodies, causing anxiety and other health issues. Other things that can negatively impact homeostasis are diet, alcohol, prescription drugs, compromised immune system, free radicals, and toxins. The goods news is that there are many things we can do to support our ECS besides just using CBD. Some of our favorites include movement, sunlight, meditation, omegas, eating real foods, orgasm, sounds healing and breathwork. We’ll be sharing some more natural stress relieving tips and a resource guide soon - stay tuned!   LEARN What is CBD

What is CBD

The cannabis plant is made up of natural plant compounds, the most prevalent being cannabinoids and terpenes. CBD and THC are two of the more well-known cannabinoids, but there are actually over 80 naturally occurring cannabinoids including CBG, CBN, CBC and many more! Both CBD and THC have significant therapeutic qualities but unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive and will not get you high. Studies show that CBD can help promote a healthy state of balance in the mind and body, also known as homeostasis. CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is the series of receptors that have been shown to regulate relaxation, pain, sleeping, mood, the immune system, memory, stress response, and other important functions. CBD affects everyone differently, but we’ve found that our customers most commonly take Pacific Daze CBD to help them reduce their stress and anxiety levels, improve sleep, ease everyday aches and pains, manage chronic pain, reduce inflammation, calm the nervous system and improve digestive issues.   LEARN MORE Your Endocannabinoid System The hemp vs. cannabis debate Source: CBD a patients guide