CBD and MCT Oil

Our products are built on a foundation of natural, simple and functional ingredients, which is why we use MCT oil (extracted from coconuts) as the base for our drops. We’re huge fans of medium chain triglycerides because this healthy fatty acid increases the bioavailability of CBD and has numerous health benefits related to heart and brain health.

Cannabinoids are fat soluble and therefore best absorbed by the body when consumed with fat. MCT oil is easily digested and is rapidly processed through the liver rather than being metabolized through our digestive system like other fats. This process accelerates the effects of CBD and also creates natural energy for our bodies.

MCT oil contains antioxidant properties, which further supports CBD’s inflammatory benefits. Additionally, it’s been shown to have natural anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. You can take our drops orally or use them topically – MCT oil is naturally moisturizing and conditioning to the skin.

As an added bonus, it’s light and tasty, making it easy to blend our CBD drops into your daily routine.



What is CBD?