Which CBD Product Is Right For Me?

As we mentioned in our dosing guide, be mindful of your reason for taking CBD when choosing what method will be most appropriate for you. Here we break down some of our favorite delivery methods to help guide you towards finding yours.


Our drops are our best-selling products and here’s why: taken sublingually, oil tinctures are one of the quickest, most convenient and most effective way to absorb CBD into the body. Sublingual is just another way for saying under the tongue, where our oral mucosal membranes, blood vessels and micro-capillaries allow for quick delivery and high bioavailability into the bloodstream.

We suggest our drops for on demand relief from everyday anxiety or aches and pains. The drops are also ideal for when you want to be able to adjust the dose, depending on your needs.


Some people prefer to mix our drops with their favorite beverage or food instead. This is another great way to take CBD oil and will be right up your ally if you enjoy blending MCT oil in your coffee or tea, or if you just aren’t the biggest fan of oil on its own.

CBD is fat-soluble and therefore best absorbed when mixed with fat, which is just one of the reasons why Pacific Daze CBD Drops are made with one of our favorite fats, MCT oil.

Keep in mind that ingesting CBD takes longer to get into our system because it is first metabolized in the liver, then passes through our digestive tract before being absorbed into the bloodstream. This process also decreases the bioavailability of CBD into your system.

Capsules can be a more consistent, precise way to add CBD to your daily routine. Our capsules are water-soluble and specifically formulated for high bioavailability.  They are often a preferred choice for those using CBD longer-term, or for those that don’t love the taste of MCT oil. For those with chronic pain, inflammation, or digestive issues, we recommend giving our capsules a try.


Another common way to use CBD is by applying it directly to the skin via lotions, oils and salves.  Little, if any, CBD, enters the bloodstream through the skin. Therefore this method is most effective for conditions within one inch of the skin’s surface such as localized pain, muscle soreness, inflammation skin irritations, arthritis.



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