CBN for better sleep and CBG for pain relief- a guide to our favorite new cannabinoids!

With CBD being at the forefront of conversation in the cannabinoid space, other cannabinoids have been flying under the radar. However, there are over 100 cannabinoids in the hemp plants being uncovered and we can’t wait to introduce you to our two new favorites: CBN and CBG.

While full and broad-spectrum CBD oils do contain trace amounts of rare cannabinoids, those same cannabinoids have unique benefits that are best experienced in larger potencies. What’s more, is the incredible synergetic experience that occurs when minor cannabinoids are combined with one another.

CBD (Cannabidiol)

CBD started it all, opening the door for many individuals to experience the power of hemp. CBD drastically changed the everyday consumer’s view of hemp. Stories of CBD started to pop up everywhere, pushing CBD to the front of mind for many looking for pain relief, anxiety management, an anti-inflammatory, to name a few.

CBD allows users to enjoy the benefits of cannabis with the psychoactive high. This makes it ideal for everyday use, even when used multiple times a day. It is also ideal for those who cannot use THC due to sensitivity or occupational restrictions. This is why I chose to work with broad-spectrum CBD – broad-spectrum meaning other rare cannabinoids are included in our CBD, but with 0% THC. CBD is available all over the United States, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. This allows those in states where THC is still illegal to have access to the benefits of hemp.

CBD is all about balance and supports our bodies natural homeostasis. Other best known CBD benefits are relief from:

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Nausea
  • Chronic pain
  • Arthritis or joint pain
  • Sleep disorders
  • Migraine
  • Cluster and other headaches
  • Allergies or asthma
  • Epilepsy and other seizure disorders
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Lung conditions
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease

CBN (Cannabinol)

60 million Americans suffer from insomnia, so it’s no wonder a cannabinoid with the potential to replace traditional pharmaceutical sleep aids is incredibly exciting! CBN can help you sleep better with its strong sedative effects.

It’s being further studied for its pain-relieving qualities, and has been linked with interesting anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, immunity-related, and appetite-stimulant results.

Sleep issues can be incredibly frustrating and difficult to navigate due to their complicated nature. Personally, I have tried almost every sleep-aid known to man and I am thrilled to have finally found something that not only actually works, but that I can feel good about taking.

Our WELL-RESTED CBD and CBN tincture will forever now have a home on my nightstand. It helps me fall asleep quickly, stay asleep and doesn’t leave me groggy in the morning. CBN works best in synergy with other cannabinoids, making it an excellent addition to a CBD or CBG tincture. Our WELL-RESTED Drops are full-spectrum and contain 33 mg CBD, 13 mg CBN and 3 mg CBG per dropper. A little goes a long way, so I personally recommended starting with half a dropper for the first few nights than adjusting as needed.

CBN benefits may include:

  • Sleep
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anxiety relief
  • Pain relief

CBG (Cannabigerol)

CBG is one of the hundreds of rare cannabinoids available in the hemp plant, but it’s a standout from the rest because of its status as the “Mother of Cannabinoids”. CBG is the compound that cannabis hemp plants naturally produce. CBG is then converted into other cannabinoids when exposed to light and heat – making CBG the parent cannabinoid. On a molecular level, the medical and therapeutic use of CBG appears incredibly promising because of the many pathways that it goes through in the brain.

CBG shows potential in improving mood by increasing anandamide, a neurotransmitter that promotes joy and bliss. It’s also been found to be a potential GABA reuptake inhibitor further promoting psychological health and well-being. We love CBG for it’s widely-studied pain relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Other possible CBG benefits include:

  • Mood-lifting
  • Anxiety relief
  • Psoriasis
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Irritable bowel syndrome

Our full-spectrum WELL-BEING Drops focus on a high dose of CBD and CBG, with a touch of CBN. Intended to be taken anytime to calm anxiety, tension and give you that peaceful, easy feeling.

When it comes to cannabinoids, consider what kind of relief you are seeking and go from there. Take your time, research for yourself the benefits, and from there try out different products to find your sweet spot. The power of hemp is limitless and continues to be unfolded to us as we learn more. I am excited for what the future holds when it comes to the discovery of cannabinoids.