Meet our full-spectrum cannabinoid blends that offer 24/7 chill

We’re thrilled to introduce two new full-spectrum tinctures to make your day and night way more chill. Meet WELL-BEING Daytime Drops and WELL-RESTED Nighttime Drops. CBD, CBG and CBN blend tinctures formulated for addressing specific concerns paired with an overall sense of balance. Each tincture is packed with potent doses of each cannabinoid and you’ll find that a little goes a long way! While each tincture is still less than .3% THC and will not have any psychoactive ‘high effects’ (just like with any other full-spectrum CBD), those who are sensitive to any trace amounts of THC can still enjoy our completely THC-free broad spectrum CBD Drops.

Our new CBD, CBN and CBG blends are formulated for different wellness needs you may come across throughout the day and night. You’ll notice both contain the same 3 cannabinoids: CBD, CBG, and CBN, but in different targeted ratios. The three work together in synergy to yield an incredibly effective experience that will have your mind and body feeling easy, breezy, 24/7.

Cannabinoid Synergy

CBD has popularized the term “entourage effect” – meaning the sum of the parts is better than the whole. Basically, cannabinoids and terpenes work better together to provide a more effective and well-rounded experience.

We took our time testing a variety of different formulations before getting it just right. Taking note of CBN’s reputation as the “sleepy cannabinoid”, we began experimenting with a higher potency of CBN for a truly effective sleep blend. We found that small amounts of CBG paired with high CBN yielded a stronger sedative effect. For a formulation that could be used throughout the day without that sleepy sensation, we found that in lower levels, CBN did wonders as a support to CBG. Blending these two cannabinoids with the Pacific Daze signature fan-favorite CBD, created two unique tinctures that our dreams are made of.


Take anytime of day when you feel anxious thoughts or tension coming on, or use it as an anti-inflammatory for overworked muscles. I like packing these drops along for long hikes with my little one and always have them in easy reach for stressful moments now that my kiddo is 3 years old. (If you have kids, then you know!) The relief I find from this blend is like a gentle wave of calm felt throughout my body and also calms my mind, helping to bring me back to the present moment. I take one dropperful, 1-2 times a day.


Organic Coconut Oil (MCT), Hemp Extract (Full-Spectrum), Organic Orange Oil (Citrus Sinensis).


  • 1200MG total cannabinoids: 700mg CBD / 400mg CBG / 100mg CBN
  • 1 dropper: CBD 23 mg / CBG 13 mg / CBN 3 mg
  • 30 servings per bottle


The higher dose of CBN in this blend naturally encourage a sense of comfort, mental calm and an incredibly restful night’s sleep without a groggy feeling in the morning. I take this tincture about 30 minutes before bed as I allow my body time to wind down. I have been using WELL-RESTED consistently for two months and I truly have never slept better! I used to struggle with falling asleep, especially since our kiddo was born, and have tried every sleep aid available. I love how I can count on this night after night to ease me into sleep all the while knowing I’m supporting my body’s natural balance in a way that will carry into the next day.


Organic Coconut Oil (MCT), Hemp Extract (Full-Spectrum), Organic Orange Oil (Citrus Sinensis)


  • 1500mg total cannabinoids per bottle: 1000mg CBD / 400mg CBN / 100mg CBG
  • 1 dropper: CBD 33 mg / CBN 13 mg / CBG 3 mg
  • 30 servings per bottle

To dive deeper into CBD, CBN and CBG, check out our guide to the cannabinoids featured in Well-Being and Well-Rested here on our blog: CBN for better sleep and CBG for pain relief- a guide to our favorite new cannabinoids!.

Whether you start with WELL-BEING or WELL-RESTED, I suggest you start with small doses, pay attention to how you feel and adjust from there. Here’s a little refresher on discovering your CBD dose. Everyone’s bodies interact with cannabinoids in unique ways, meaning there is no right answer and no one-size-fits-all solution. We can’t wait for you to try our new full-spectrum tinctures!